MKL Innovation

Welcome to our micro-site where you can play in our safe IoT demo space to your heart's content!! Watch our video to learn more!

We like to play. We like to deliver and we like pace. Agile delivery suits us well. So a good old sandbox is perfect for us to learn quickly what works for us, and more importantly, what works for our amazing clients. 

We also find that clients understand our IoT platform best when they can touch and feel it - so here is our sandbox site. 

Roll up your sleeves and come and play!!!

Who Are We?

We are a cutting-edge IoT (Internet of Things) house based in Leeds, Yorkshire. Which is in the North of England. 

Our IoT platform is called Renegade, developed in-house by our top-notch (and very sexy) developers. 

Click on our company website to learn all about us, follow us on twitter, or even insta!

Click on the video to play a very quick video about us!

Or scan the QR code using the camera on your smart phone to open our YouTube channel! 

Don't forget to like & subscribe to our channel!

We want to help you digitalise your business!

Bring us your analogue problems and we'll come alongside you as your digital partner. We have user cases in almost every sector. 

From gyms, to restaurants, to airlines, to office blocks, to butcher shops. We'll meet you where you're at in your digital journey and give you the technical boost that you need!

Want To Meet? 

Come and see us!! We have two offices in the UK, (One in Leeds, and the other in Essex). Our team is always happy to have a good chat to move your business forwards.

Click on the idea box for more details!


MKL Innovation. Come play with us!
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