Our sandbox is currently set around a server room/IT lab. IT equipment and servers do not like heat. So keeping them cool is crucial to keeping your operation without downtime. 

We've also added a temperature sensor to our insulin fridge. As you can imagine - medication not being stored at the prescribed temperature, securely, is very dangerous. This is normally a manual, hourly task for a doctor to record the temperature. With our IoT platform, all that needs to happen is for alerts to be set up that trigger if the temperature drops or rises above the thresholds, or if the door is open / left open, or worse case the fridge has lost power. If this happens, the team will automatically be alerted to this, for action to then be taken. 

We can change the sandbox scenario at any time, which is the beauty of it! So don't be surprised, when you log back in, if it's now modelling an entirely different sector or business. 

Have a play in our sandbox!

Here is a safe place to play with our demo IoT platform dashboards. 

We're adding more to it all the time, (agile is not just a buzzzz word with us!!!) so do check back in.

Ready to play? Click below!!

Please do give us feedback on the feedback form so that we can improve. 

Or if you love it and want to get your mitts on it - give us a bell!

0113 251 2010

Email: info@mklinnovation.com

On the sandbox - you can change the length of days that the data can display, move the map or check the alarming functions. As more feedback comes through, more functionality will be added. For example - we've had great feedback from clients asking for more visual depictions of data - so that functionality is currently lined up for our next sprint!

MKL Innovation. Come play with us!
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